This is what real Super Heroes look like !


    Heroes come in all shapes & sizes and they are all around you, all the time. Being a Hero is not exclusive to trained First Responders and Military personnel, anyone can be a community hero. First Care Provider has created the Community Heroes Project to encourage people from all walks of life to step up and learn to be a hero. Harness your super powers.  

What Super Powers you ask?

super hero.png

How can you become a CommunityHero ?

It's simple:    

Just collect all four skills by completing our FREE online Community Hero Training course or collect all four stickers by demonstrating the super skills  at a First Care Provider event in your area. Collect all 4 stickers and you'll receive a First Care Provider Community Hero wrist band. 

Community Hero.png
Life saver grey.png

Want to do more to help? 

Become a Certified First care Provider by attending a four hour class that teaches all the life saving skills needed to help Trauma victims.