STB Instructor Development Academy

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STB Instructor Development Academy

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Stop the Bleed Instructor Development

Join FCP and fellow Stop the Bleed instructors for this online instructor development program. This course was created by the FCP team after years of training thousands of individuals. Learn directly from the curriculum developers.


Live Online Presentations

Topics Include:

  • What equipment you’ll need

  • Finding the right space

  • Outlining your “war stories”

  • Setting up the space

  • Will you need additional instructors ?

  • Creating a buzz

  • Gaining buy-in from your leadership, organization, or community

  • Classroom preparation and setup

  • Understanding Stop the Bleed

  • Introduction to the RACE system

  • Introduction to CARE system

  • Hemorrhage Control

    • Anatomy & physiology

    • Direct pressure

    • Tourniquets - commercial / improvised

    • Junctional bleeding

  • Airway management

  • Respirations

  • Exposure prevention (hypothermia)

    Scenarios and skill stations

  • Blended education model (utilizing FCP videos to facilitate course)

  • FAQ’s

  • Common pitfalls

  • Partnership and discounted equipment

    • Portions of the course may pre recorded