A First Care Provider Certified Facility has 10% of it's staff trained as First Care Providers and has approved medical equipment (Trauma Kits) pre-positioned in the event of emergency.  

What does being First Care Certified say about your organization?

  • That you put your people First
  • That you CARE about the well being of your staff and patrons
  • That you're forward thinking and want to take a proactive approach to modern day threats
  • That you are working with First responders in your region to make the community safer
  • That you have empowered your staff and instituted a program to improve resiliency 
  • That you are OSHA compliant

  Interested in First Care Provider Certification for your Organization?

When First Responders arrive at your facility and see the First Care Certified logo they know instantly that they will find people inside that have been trained how to act in an emergency situation.

  • People trained to control life threatening bleeds through use of Tourniquets and trauma dressings
  • Trauma Kits strategically located in multiple locations
  • Staff trained in DHS's RUN-HIDE-FIGHT program for Active Shooter response
  • People prepared to safely interact with first responders to identify hazards and assist in rescue efforts