People really are shooting each other more often

In what will come as a surprise to absolutely no one, a "new" article confirms what we already know.  People are shooting each other more than ever.  What's interesting is not that we now have dramatic statistical evidence demonstrating the increased frequency of these events, but that they are in fact so frequent that there is debate over what is considered a "mass shooting."  This begs the question, are we really OK with shootings as long as it doesn't involve 3 or more people?  Take a moment and read the article. It is enlightening and discusses the variables associated with these events including: actual numbers of gun deaths from smaller events, and the misperception that the 24-hour news cycle is what gives the impression of increased frequency (it isn't).  Regardless, the threats to our society continue to evolve, yet our ability to care for ourselves and our loved ones has waned.  Join us.  Become a First Care Provider, and learn to save a life.  @1stCareProvider @CommitteeTECC @Couldyousavealife?