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First Care Provider



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What is First Care Provider?

First Care Provider.Org, is a disabled veteran-managed 501-(c)(3) foundation, created to improve our communities’ resilience to disaster. Organizations and communities alike are looking for a resiliency solution but often don't know how or where to start. As veterans and licensed medical providers, we realized that improving outcomes to these events required a new approach—a population-based system that engages the community directly. While traditional response to natural disasters and active violence will always be reactive, we've created a system to empower people before, during and immediately after a traumatic event.

Our Mission

To serve the public by raising awareness of the need for civilian response to disaster, and to create an integrated network of individuals and communities empowered to ensure not another civilian life is lost from a preventable cause of death as a result of trauma.


First Care Provider untrained personnel -vs- trained (2 hour training)